Who doesn’t love a challenge?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want to be healthier, the healthy living challenge is useful. In this challenge we will:

healthy living challenge
  • Eat balanced meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins.
  • Exercise regularly and get enough sleep each night.
  • Reduce stressors in our lives by taking some time for relaxation exercises.

1 Week Healthy Living Challenge

DaysEat balanced mealExercise/YogaSleepBuild ConnectionReduce StressImbibe Good Habits
1Drink 2 glasses more
water, Eat 2 Eggs,
1 Serving Leafy veg
and Salad.
Walk for 30
Minutes in
morning and Evening
Do breathing exercises.
Sleep 30 Minutes
earlier. Take 15 minute
nap in the Day
Connect with an old
friend and talk.
Take regular breaks.Watch a motivating
Video about Bill Gates
2Eat 2 Eggs, 1 Serving
Nuts, bananas, apples, Leafy Veggies
10 Minutes of Stretching,
Walk 45 minutes
Take 15 Minutes Nap
and Sleep 30 Minutes more in the morning
Talk to a complete strangerListen to Music,
Take an Extra break.
Read about George Washington and Abram Lincoln.
3Drink 2 glasses more
water, Eat 2 eggs, Nuts, Bananas, and Chicken
10 Minute Yoga, 10 Minute Breathing exercise1-hour extra sleepConnect old friendListen to musicRead about Henry Ford
4Eat 3 eggs, Apples, Oranges, and leafy Veggies.1-hour walk.No social mediaTalk to neighborsHelp someone in need.Read about bloggers and their blogging styles.
5Eat 2 Eggs, Chicken, Veggies, and Nuts.2-hour walk morning hike.Listen to music before sleep.Talk to relatives.Dance sessionWatch an Animal documentary.
6Drink 2 glasses more
water, Eat 2 eggs, Fruits,
Veggies and Pizza.
Stretching, Yoga.Play with kids for 1 hour before sleep.Connect to an old friend.Take an extra 2-hour break.Watch a video about entrepreneurship.
7Eat 3 eggs, nuts, veggies, apples, and Red meat.1-hour evening walk.Sleep an extra one hour in the morning.Talk to partner and parents.Dance session.Read about Dale Carnegie.
John's Healthy Living Challenge you can create your own as per your goal

I want you to take the 7-day challenge and get started on healthy living.

It may seem like a lot of work at first but with each day that you do the challenge, you’ll start seeing results. You’ll be ready with everything you need to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs!

You can create your own meal plan, and schedules for healthy living.

So let’s get started right now!

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