10 ways to Build Deeper bonds 

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Building a deep connection or bonds means you are able to do and say genuinely that is reasonable of course. Since you are comfortable and know you’ll have respect and love. 

Why does deep or meaningful connection matter? 

A meaningful connection is a two-way relationship. Both individuals are getting something from each other. Here the meaning is key. The ability to share common interests, values, and vulnerabilities are important ingredients for the meaning

Deeper connections or bonds are the lifeline of communities for your personal and professional life. When you connect deeply with another person you put that person at ease make them share their stories that in turn helps you build meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

What is the health benefit of deeper connections or bonds? 

If you feel more connected to your connections like family members, friends or pets you will have lower levels of anxiety and depression. Moreover, studies say you can have better self-esteem, more empathy, trust more, and will be cooperative and, as a result, others will be more open to trusting and cooperating towards you.

How to build deeper connections.

  1. Reach out. The first step towards building a deeper connection is through reaching out. Reaching out creates an intimacy that helps you to connect deeper eventually. Reaching out allows you to have a deeper friendship that you need for encouragement and boost your well-being. Reaching out attempts to build contacts that offer help, guidance, comfort, or support that you seek. It’s important to reach out for help. Since most people are discouraged to reach out for help when they need it most. It’s perfectly fine if you have no idea what you really need or want that is hurting you. Let others know how you’re feeling. You might be surprised by the ways you can receive support.
  2. Accept the reality. As you understand, accept and make peace with the way things are, you step towards the path to growth. The more often you practice acceptance, the more you will see that each moment has a purpose, a lesson to teach you, a reason for unfolding the way that it does. 
  3. Be friendly. Being friendly feels confident and happy, with a positive take on other people, moving toward the world instead of backing away from it. Some of the ways to be more friendly include smiling more, relaxed body posture, less criticism, and giving sincere appreciation. Being friendly is important to build a deeper connection with your near and dear ones. 
  4. Initiate Physical Touch. Touch plays an important role in maintaining deeper connections in relationships. Touch is essential because it communicates emotions to others and stimulates the production of a love hormone called oxytocin. Touch can take the relationships to a deeper level you often ignore.
  5. Active Listening. If you really listen carefully; you can learn about other people like their aspirations, fears, business, and what you may be able to help them with. So much of the spoken word is hidden in inflection, tone, and expression, so actively listening is important. Active listening techniques such as reflecting, asking questions, seeking clarification, and watching body language help you probe more and develop relationships. If you are an active listener you become good at initiating and maintaining conversations that build deeper connections. 
  6. Understand the body language. Body language is a type of language your body emits while communicating that tells about your feelings and intentions. Body language includes your posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures. If you are able to correctly understand and interpret another person’s body language you can pick up on unspoken issues or feelings. If you can understand unspoken issues through body language you can then build deeper connections by proving the right questions. 
  7. Accept your thoughts and emotions. Accept your own thoughts and feelings as natural. If you don’t react to your thoughts and feelings without resorting to strange feelings, you are in control. You need to pause for a moment to reflect on your inner experience. Then you will be able to listen to others correctly, interpret them and communicate to a deeper level.   
  8. Ask Deeper Questions. If you are able to communicate with the other person deeply through active listening and body postures you are ready to ask deeper level questions. At first, it could create friction but as you build trust with emotions you are in control of the situation. Both of you can build a deeper level of bond that can help you move to the next level of the relationship in which you can ask deeper level philosophical questions.  
  9. Engage in enjoyable activities. Making a habit of enjoying recreational activities you enjoy with others makes you happy. It will yield create a positive environment that consistently lowers stress, makes you feel better, improves sleep, and strengthen relationships. Activities include exercise, card games, picnics,  and engaging in leisure activities. These activities can lower stress, build bonds and create new social relationships.  
  10. Be open to giving and taking feedback. It is easier to give honest feedback but tough to take it. In order to be receptive to feedback, it’s key that you refrain from getting defensive. You need to be open to opinions and ideas from others frequently. Instead of blaming someone or something else, carefully listen to what is being said.


Deeper bonds or relationships strengthen your immune system thus helping you recover from disease, and may also increase your life. Deeper bonds provide you with genuine friends and family to share your life with and people who can help you out in troubled situations. They bring you plenty of laughs and joy to enjoy life.

By John Gurung

A former software developer who is now a blogging enthusiast. A true digital nomad.

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