12 Strength training exercise to reduce stomach fat and build a ton of muscles

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A deadlift is a compound exercise that works on multiple muscle groups at the same time. This exercise is known as deadlift since you pick a stationary weight off the floor with no momentum. The deadlift is the main exercise of most strength-training exercises and can be performed using a variety of ways.

The deadlift uses your lower body muscles and core and is one of the most effective exercises for enhancing core body strength that builds muscle and burning a ton of fat. Since it’s a full-body exercise that uses most of the muscle in your body, the deadlift is the best exercise to build muscle. They also train for safely lifting objects off of the floor, which is a key day-to-day skill.

If you are new to deadlift try to focus on getting the correct form with a lower weight. You need to perform 5 to 8 deadlifts per set. Work your way up to 3 to 5 sets per session. Do 2-3 deadlift sessions per week.

Benefits of doing deadlift

1. Reduce your lower back pain. Lower back pain common problem for most people. Studies have found that deadlifts can be effective in reducing or reversing this ailment. However proper deadlift form with a braced, neutral spine is important for ensuring deadlifts do not increase your pain.

2. Improve your bone density. Loss of bone mineral density is a common effect of aging that results in osteoporosis, which can increase the risk of fractures. Studies have found that resistance training can reverse bone mineral density and exercises such as the deadlift can greatly increase bone mineral density. Since the deadlift targets your legs and hips which support your body, doing deadlifts with other exercises can be an effective way to reduce the effect of osteoporosis in old age.

3. Activate your core. The trunk houses all the vital organs of your body and training these muscles and core is key for a well-rounded exercise program. While there are many exercises for your core, studies suggest that full-body exercise like deadlifts is an effective way to activate and strengthen the core.

4. Boost your metabolism. Weight loss is the most important goal of many fitness programs. Successfully losing body fat requires you to burn a ton of calories. Most weight loss programs combine a low-calorie diet and physical activity to burn more calories. When it comes to increasing metabolism through activities, studies found that resistance training with exercises like the deadlift is the most efficient in burning calories in less time. The deadlift can build some serious muscles which in turn burn more calories while in rest.


The squat is an amazing strength training exercise that works several muscles in your upper and lower body. Squats build muscles that help you in walking, climbing, bending, or carrying heavy loads. They also help you increase performance in athletic activities. Adding squats in your exercise can boost performance, reduces the risk of injury, and keep you healthy by burning tons of fat.

The squat is the exercise that challenges and builds most of the muscles in your body. Squats build mostly muscles in the lower body, but to perform squat correctly, you also need to use several upper body muscles and core muscles. Squat build buttocks, front of the thigh, back of the thigh, groin, hip, and calves.

Benefits of doing squats

1. Squat builds your core. Having strong core muscles can improve your balance and improve activities like turning, bending, and standing. Squat helps you reduce your lower back pain and helps maintain good posture. Studies found that doing regular squat builds core muscles that can reduce injury and boost performance for athletes.

2. Burns a ton of calories. You can burn a lot of calories by doing aerobic exercises such as running or cycling. However doing high-intensity, compound exercise like the squat can burn a ton of calories. A 160-pound person can burn approximately 250 calories doing 30-minutes of strength training like squats.

3. Strengthens the legs. Your leg supports your body and is the largest and most powerful muscle. Strength training exercises like squats can strengthen and tone the muscles in your leg. When these muscles are strong, you can do daily activities more comfortably like walking, bending, and maintaining good postures.

5. Boosts your athletic performance. If you are active in competitive sports doing squats like jumping squat helps you develop explosive strength and speed which boosts your athletic performance.

Bench Press

The bench press is an exercise that helps you build upper body muscles like the chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulder. You need to perform bench presses only two to three times per week. If you are using heavyweight do 4-5 reps per set and 3-4 sets per session. For cardiovascular fitness, you can do 10-15 reps per set with less weight.

Benefits of doing bench press

1: Increase your overall strength. Bench press not only builds the chest but strengthens the shoulders and triceps. Thus, with each repetition, you can train different muscle groups simultaneously building overall upper body strength.

2: Helps you build attractive chest muscles. Athletes working hard not only boosts performance but also a better-looking body. As your chest, triceps and shoulders become bigger and wider which definitely

3: Increase bone mineral density. Strength training improves bone density and exercises like bench press strengthens bones and makes them stronger.

Bent over row

Barbell bent-over rows are one of the most effective exercises for building back muscles and help you improve your squats, deadlifts, and bench press. The bent-over position can pose a risk of injury if not done with proper form. Strive for slow and controlled movements to get maximum benefits.

Benefits of doing Bent over row

1. Build strength and back muscles. Bent Over Rows build strength and muscle and this exercise has been used effectively by the absolute best athletes in the world. It causes more contraction and emphasis on certain muscles that lead to large muscle activation through the lower and upper back in a symmetrical manner which makes them such a great choice for building strength.

2. Improves your deadlifts and squat. Deadlifts are highly effective for their overall benefits for muscle mass and strength. The Bent-Over Row can assist you in stronger muscular hypertrophy and improving the deadlift and squat.

3. Stability. Bent over row strengthens your legs and lower back, and you benefit from improved stability due to a strengthening of these muscles. Lower back pain is something a lot of people suffer because of weak core muscles, bent over rows strengthen core muscles and alleviate lower back pain.

Clean and Jerk

The Clean and Jerk is a potent exercise for developing total-body power. It requires a lot of power, core muscles, balance, and control to do the heavyweight clean and jerk. And it increases explosive power in athletic skills.

Benefits Of doing Clean & Jerk

1 Improves cardiovascular health. Clean and jerk offer heart benefits similar to sprints and biking. Studies have found that resting heart rate, blood pressure significantly improved after completing eight weeks of training in clean and jerk. It’s because this exercise works practically every part of the musculoskeletal system that can leave you gasping for breath thus improving your heart.

2 Improves endurance. Clean and jerk focus on explosive bouts of power for a short duration which builds both anaerobic power and endurance. This can improve performance in high-intensity activities like sprinting.

3 Enhances motor skills. Motor skills improve when the brain, nervous system, and muscles work together. Because clean & jerk works on various muscle groups to move together as a unit, helping the nervous system to improve coordination which enhances motor skills.


The pushup is a good exercise for building upper body strength. Doing it builds triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. It also builds and strengthens the lower back and core muscles. They can be done anywhere since it doesn’t require any equipment. If you do pushups daily it can be an effective exercise that can help you gain upper body strength by gradually increasing the number of pushups.

Benefits of doing pushups

1. Build your chest muscles. If want to add muscle mass to your chest push-ups are one of the most effective chest exercises in the world. Many consider push-ups to be more beneficial for building muscle mass on the chest than barbell bench presses. Push-ups target the upper, middle, and lower pecs so you can build a fuller, thicker, more solid, and tighter chest without even needing to lift a single weight.

2. Builds core muscles. Push-ups target not only your chest, triceps, and back and but even your core. That means by doing humble push-ups you can work all of those muscles and build great functional strength.

3. Burns a ton of calories. Push-ups are a great resistance-based compound exercise building chest muscles. They also aid in weight loss by burning a ton of calories if done regularly.

4. Push-ups are convenient. Push-ups are great because you can do them virtually anywhere needs no equipment.

Pull up

A pullup is one of the best upper body strength training exercises that build strong back muscles. The pullup is an advanced exercise that needs strong grip strength and overall fitness. Pullups also strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles.

Benefits of doing pullups

1. Strengthen the back muscles. The pullup is one of the best exercises for building back muscles.

2. Strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles. Pullups strengthen arm and shoulder muscles. Doing pull-ups regularly can strengthen your arms, which can further increase your strength to do more pullups.

3. Improves grip strength. Grip strength is important for resistance training and many sports like rock climbing, and bowling. A strong grip helps you in tasks like opening jars and other daily activities in your everyday life.

Military Press

The military press is a variation of the overhead press where your feet are together like a soldier would at attention. A wide stance in the overhead press provides more support, however, the narrow stance in a military press replaces it with more core activation to stabilize your body.

Benefits of doing a military press

1. Stronger shoulders. The biggest benefit of the military press is stronger shoulders. Since it offers more stabilization of the core, the military press is a safer exercise for the shoulder joints.

2. Improves imbalances. The military press is a pushing exercise that improves the balance of your shoulders and triceps. Everyone has a dominant side and this can be improved by doing military press because it needs both of your arms to work synchronously to lift the barbell. When you do military press consistently, your weaker side will eventually catch up making both arms equally strong.

3. Builds overall strength. Similar to squat and deadlift, the military press is also a compound functional exercise. This means that day-to-day activities which can challenge you both inside and outside the gym can be done quite easily because of more strength.


The lunge is a resistance exercise that strengthens your lower body and legs. Lunges can help you work your leg muscles in ways that benefit everyday movements. Lunges can also help prepare your muscles for sports that require lunging like badminton, tennis, and basketball. Lunges are an effective exercise to tone and strengthen your legs and reduce your risk for injury.

Benefits of doing lunges

1. Better Balance. Lunges train one side of your body independently from the other which improves your balance and coordination. Exercises like squat and deadlift are best for overall strength and muscle building. But lunges deliver the balance and stabilization benefits.

2. Functional exercise. This compound leg exercise directly improves your performance of natural, everyday movements. Lunges, fall into the functional category and trains the movement of walking.

3. Greater Symmetry. Lunges can even strengthen your body’s strength and muscular imbalances by working on the weaker side on par with your stronger side. This improves your strength on squats and deadlifts by eliminating the weak link that holds back your progress.

4. Increased Hip Flexor Flexibility. The lunge forces you to stretch your hip muscles which are tight for many in an increasingly sedentary world.


Plank is an effective exercise to work out your core that can improve stability, reduce injury, and maintain mobility.

Benefits of doing planks

1. Planks activate core muscles. Situps and crunches can cause lower back pain later on. Planks work your core and entire body. Planks need your arms, your legs, and core muscles, making it a more efficient ab exercise.

2. Planks improve your posture. Planks can help improve your posture and alleviate your back pain. The plank strengthens your back, chest, shoulders, neck, and abs thus improving stability a vital component of good posture. Planks also improve isometric strength in your core muscles which allows you to sit or stand for long periods.

3. Planks can help increase your flexibility. Plank improves your flexibility by working on core muscles by improving stability.


Crunches are the main ab workouts and target the six-pack muscle that runs along the front of the torso. Building this muscle develops your core muscles for stability and performance. Crunches form a part of a core strength workout or a total body workout.

Benefits of doing crunches

1. Burns Calories. Doing crunches burns calories. half an hour of crunches burns a whopping 300 calories for a 160-pound person. The right way to do crunches is controlled pace rather than quickly.

2. Workout to build Core muscles. Crunches help you build strong core muscles that can give you 6 pack muscles.


Some like them and some don’t, burpees are one of the most effective exercises you can do to burn a ton of calories. Burpeesimproves your cardiovascular endurance and strength at the same time, making them highly effective. Doing burpees is beneficial for everyone, from elite athletes to beginner who wants to improve endurance and strength.

Burpees is a full-body strength compound movement that uses multiple muscle groups. It works your core muscles, back, and legs. You can add a push-up with a  burpee to work your pecs and triceps. Including burpees in your exercise will surely tone your body from head to toe.

Benefits of doing burpees

1. Improves Endurance. Burpee improves endurance since it will probably get you tired within a few minutes. By doing it consistently and you can do improve your endurance. If you can do burpees for 30 minutes, then jogging or taking stairs should feel like nothing.

2. Help in sports performance. Burpees cross-trains athletes who play any sport. Burpees drastically improve your strength, stamina, and agility which can help in sports. The burpee requires you to rapidly jump which is useful for sports involving jumping like basketball, badminton, and gymnastic.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health. Doing burpees causes your heart to beat faster and harder to supply blood to your muscles. If you do burpees regularly it can improve cardiovascular health and can have a better quality of life.

4. Burns Calories. Doing burpees burns a ton of calories. An individual who weighs about 150 pounds for an hour can burn 500 calories doing burpees. Burning calories through exercise can help you lose weight. You even can do a ten-minute burpee workout that will burn 100 calories.

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