5 Healthy Habits to Learn From Soldiers

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It’s hard to be disciplined in a society that seeks instant gratification. We seek immediate pleasures, and need to feel good all the time like fast food, lack of exercise or not bothered about healthy relationships. This lack of self discipline is taking a toll on health.

Discipline is key for all kinds of endeavour and soldiers need to be disciplined because it’s a matter of life and death, which they know clearly.  Undisciplined soldier is not only a danger to his own life but risks others life. So what we learn from them is discipline. If you are not disciplined and want to achieve health goals. It’s not possible.  

Eating clean consistently, following exercise regimen is key for healthy and self discipline will take you towards this goal. Restraining yourself from unhealthy and seemingly tasty food is the great challenge which needs discipline. 

Your health is not only important to you but your kids and siblings too. Whatever habits you follow will be followed by kids too, don’t eat fast food regularly and soda. 

Mental toughness

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A Mentally tough person is able to control his thoughts and actions. He focuses on what is truly important in a calm way under extreme pressure. Mental toughness predicts success of a person in sport, education and the workplace.

Soldiers are mentally strong and they don’t get easily subdued. In a war situation it is not only the guns and ammo that gives you a winning edge, it’s the mental toughness which propels the soldier to take the situation in control. 

So if something goes bad like health problems,financial or relationship problems don’t lose confidence.  Just be mentally strong like a soldier who is out of ammo but ducking down and waiting for the right opportunity to get the supplies. 

Being mentally strong will help you get over a bad situation. If you are in bad health don’t lose hope and think of yourself as a soldier out of ammo. Fight your situation and become healthy.

Sleeping early and waking up early 

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Adequate sleep is the fundamental aspect of healthy life which promotes immunity, creativity, improving memory and mood. 

Soldiers are always well disciplined about their sleep. They sleep early and wake up early which is natural because they know the value of good sleep. In a war situation soldiers have to be awake for straight 48 hours which they go through in their drills.

Sleeping is key to health since a sleep deprived soldier is not healthy and will not be able to work optimally. Chronic sleep deprivation will have adverse effects on both physical and mental health. So sleeping early and waking up early for drills help soldier to be in optimal health. 

Similarly if you want to learn this habit of soldiers it will not only make you healthy but will make you happy. 

Set micro-goals

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Health is not a single goal it’s a set of goals which includes weight loss, cardiovascular health, lean muscles, etc. 

Setting micro goals and achieving is the key to soldiers and special forces. Breaking a goal into small micro goals is the best way to consistently reach the ultimate goal. SEALS always focus on one thing at a time to avoid distraction. So they break a goal into smaller micro goals and achieve it which takes them to achieve the goal. 

As a healthy living enthusiast you could learn from SEALS and apply to achieve the health goals. If you make a goal to reduce 1 pound consistently every two weeks and you could lose 24 pounds in a year thus achieving the weight loss goal.

If you want to walk to get healthy, then make small goals like strolling 30 minute for a week and then gradually increasing it to gradually 1 hour. Then changing stroll to brisk walk. To achieve cardiovascular health you can then incorporate brief few sprints for 30 seconds. 

Back up plan

If for any reason your best plan for health is derailed have a back up plan. 

In a war situation things always don’t go as planned.  So having a plan B as backup is very important.  As a healthy living enthusiast you need to understand that each body is different. Situation can change that can change schedule of exercise like injury.

So learning from soldiers to have a plan B ready is very important. If you created an awesome gym schedule and COVID-19 disrupted your plan, then you can start exercising at home, you can do body weight push ups, squat and aerobics. 


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Soldiers are the healthiest people in the world so you should be aware of what they do to make themselves healthy. Following these habits of soldiers is tremendously beneficial to everyone.  

By John Gurung

A former software developer who is now a blogging enthusiast. A true digital nomad.

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