7 Healthy Habits Of Highly Healthy People

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Health is the combination of a great body and sound mind.  If  there is imbalance between them it affects each other quickly. 

So if your physical health is not good then mental health will definitely take a hit. In order to improve physical well being, good mental health is paramount. 

It’s like a cycle if you improve physical health, it will help your mental health which in turn nourishes your body. You need to find the clues and detect the cause of your weight gain, high blood pressure, depression, it could be all related to each other. 

After identifying the clue, break the chain and slowly improve the most important factors like exercise, sleep, or diet.  They can then improve  your mental health which will further help you in job goals, healthy relationships and overall happiness. 

A sound mind then will guide you towards both physical and mental health giving you a sense of purpose and happiness.

Let’s discuss 7 habits which will enable you to balance your physical and mental health. 

1. Sound  Sleep

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This is the most powerful of all our healthy habits. You can’t function without good sleep. If your body needs to sleep badly enough it will override all the other needs and you will collapse quickly and fall asleep. 

If you are unable to sleep because of a variety of reasons then investigate the condition which makes you unable to sleep.  You can check my post on tips  where I have discussed sleep and mental health

Sleep deprivation can make you catch infections quickly since it reduces immunity. So if you are catching a cold every time the weather changes, sleep deprivation could be one of the reasons. 

Lack of sleep in men can reduce the testosterone which can lead to sexual problems in men which can be greatly reduced if you manage your sleep. 

Make a target for 8 full hours of sleep, sleep before 11:00 PM which will help you sleep quickly.  Early to sleep and early to rise should be the best strategy for a healthy life. 

2. Moderate to Vigorous Exercise

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Walking is one of the best strategies to start your exercise. I have a detailed blog on walking which gives you insight on why and how it’s the best exercise for everyone.

Many of us work on the computer today so it becomes important to do physical movement. You can take a break from the desk and go for a 15-20 minutes short walk outside.  It will boost mood and help you perform well in the job. The time you spend walking not only nourishes your body it refreshes your mind and enhances creativity. 

Joining a fitness club is always going to be the best investment since it allows you to meet like minded people who want to improve their health. So not only it helps you make useful friends but you can get amazing tips to improve health.

HIIT Training, Aerobics, Cycling, Swimming and weight training are some exercises based on your goals. If your goal is to reduce weight then vigorous exercise is recommended along with diet and if you just want to reduce your blood pressure and make your heart healthy aerobics is a good bet.

3. Diet

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Your diet should be important in the sense that you should not sugar and processed food. This is the number one reason for people suffering from all kinds of physical and mental illness. 

You can indulge in your favourite ice cream or fast food occasionally but eating it everyday is a disaster to your health.  

Learning to prepare a healthy meal  which includes vegetables and whole grain is more important than a college degree. 

Eating even healthy food in large quantities is not healthy. Since extra calories will be deposited in your body as fat and the healthy nutrients in large quantities will be not optimally utilised. 

So get a digital weighing machine and measure your food, since eyes  cannot be trusted for the right quantity. It’s easy to eat but the effect of weight gain causing havoc to the body cannot be undone easily. 

4. Drink adequate Water. 

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Water is the most important drink,  having adequate water in the diet can help you avoid lots of disease. When you are dehydrated it can affect the heart to pump blood and reduces the oxygen in the brain. Proper hydration is very important to those who live in hot  weather 

Drink water immediately after waking up which enhances metabolism. Drinking water before and during meals is very important as it helps digestion and reduces the need to eat more. 

Sometimes we are feeling hungry which could actually be the sign of thirst. So if you are hungry, drinking water will not only help you reduce weight but also has multiple health benefits like relieving constipation, skin health, and blood pressure.

5. Optimism

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The death from suicide is alarmingly high in the modern world. One of the culprits to this situation is we are not connected to our family, friends and community.  

Dealing with a lonely life is not only tough but it’s painful. There are times when we are faced with immense hardship and we have no one to ask for help. What to do? Well optimism can rescue you from this situation and having an optimistic outlook is very important in difficult situations. 

How can you inculcate an optimistic outlook, well there are numerous studies that highlights you should always try to find the positive side in every problem.  

Be grateful that you are alive,  have food to eat, good health, lovely spouse,  and a job etc. This will create a positive environment that promotes optimism.

Practicing gratitude will cement bonds with colleagues, friends and family members.  

6.Enjoy work

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A study reported more than 72% of people are unhappy with their current work.  Work is the major part of your life and if you feel miserable in work I bet your life is miserable too. So correcting this source of problem is very important for healthy living. 

People suck in their job because they are too pressured because of non performance or they are not doing it wholeheartedly. 

You need to clearly understand what is expected from you, your performance metrics and then try to find all means to achieve that. Sometimes you need to make smart choices by prioritising the tasks and get help if necessary. 

Learning should be a continuous process but don’t pressure too much. Take frequent breaks if possible and sometimes a quick  google can solve complex issues. If the task is too tough divide it into chunks and find ways to solve it. 

Take plenty of rest and sleep on time and eat nutritious food to boost efficiency. 

If you do not enjoy the work you will never be able to be happy in life. So find ways to enjoy your jobs, it’s very crucial for a healthy life. 

7. Nurture Relationships

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Nurturing the relationship is very important to your mental health. On their deathbeds, most  people always  regret not spending enough quality time with their loved ones. But nurturing relationships require loving, attention, emotional investment  and care. Whether it’s with your  partner, your kids, your friends, or family members. The relationship needs nurturing in order to thrive and boost your mental health. 

Nurturing healthy relationships means spending quality time, understanding the other person, and always present when you need them.  It is also required to  communicate effectively since we are all different and it’s always a small misunderstanding which exacerbates lead to full blown war.

Every person has a different personality, so conflict is always a possibility but resolving it quickly will nurture the relationship.

With time everyone changes so understanding this fact and finding the right ways to communicate is very important be it your children, spouse or siblings. 

Having a good relationship with family and friends is of prime importance to mental and physical health. Ignoring this aspect of life and not correcting  will be a source of both physical and mental problems.

By John Gurung

A former software developer who is now a blogging enthusiast. A true digital nomad.

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