Drink 12 cups of water daily for health

Water is the basic component of our body since it constitutes around 55% to 78% based on the age, weight, and size of a person. You need to drink 12 cups of water daily to reap health benefits. 

Drink 12 cups of water daily
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Currently, I am doing research to perform better, improve my sports performance, and lose weight.

Why body store water?

Sodium binds to water in our body and helps to maintain the balance of fluids in cells. If we eat meals that are high in salt, our body retains water. In fact, these foods are the main dietary source of sodium.

There are many conditions that cause our body to retain water, However, the foremost reason is dehydration.

  • Zero calories. Drinking enough water every day ensures amazing health benefits since it contains zero calories
  • Our body is an amazing self-sustaining machine. It has millions of systems to make sure we survive in the most difficult conditions. Our body has to do everything we put into it and make the best out of it. With our lifestyle, food choices, and lack of physical movement, our body has a herculean task to keep us alive! That’s the reason when our body is dehydrated, we deny it as the most crucial source of life, our body starts to retain water for prolonged lack of water.
  • Water is stored in our body’s internal organs and skin. Our bodies are smart to store it as a safety precaution, which happens when we don’t drink enough water.

The moment we start to hydrate properly and give our body enough water to get out of that fear of lack of water feeling, our body will stop retaining it.

After realizing I was not drinking enough water and  I  started to hydrate properly, my body immediately started using all water to flush toxins out of my body instead of storing it for dry days. This is how I realized drinking water can make me lose weight.

Drink 12 cups of water daily

I then was motivated to drink enough water needed my body. I started drinking at least 3  liters of water per day, and now I drink at least 4 liters daily. Not only was I performing better in sports, but I also lost weight too.

Now I will present you why you should drink enough water:

Relieves Tiredness.

Boosts Mood.

Better Digestion and Relieves Constipation. 

Helps in Weight Loss.

Detoxifies Body.

Makes Skin Better.

Water Promotes Good Breath.

Why you should drink more water?

Relieves Tiredness – Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of dehydration. And if the body is dehydrated, Our body fails to function optimally. So it’s important that we should drink adequate water to make our body function properly to avoid exhaustion.

Boosts Mood – Even mild dehydration can negatively affect mood, cognitive ability as well as one’s capacity to read or think.

The color of urine is an excellent signal of our body’s level of hydration. If the urine color is light, the hydration level is good, and vice versa.

Better Digestion and Relieves Constipation – Water improves the gastrointestinal (GI) tract which helps in the proper digestion of food and relieves constipation.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is important because it helps in boosting the metabolism. Helps our body to break down food components properly and improves digestion.

Prevents Headache and Migraine – Are you in pain from a headache and migraine often? If yes, then an excellent way to get relief is to drink plenty of water. We should drink at least 10 glasses of water every day.

Both a headache and migraine are most often caused by dehydration. And that’s the reason water intake reduces the intensity and frequency of a headache and migraine.

Helps in Weight Loss – As we drink water, it promptly fills the stomach and reduces our appetite. 

In fact, drinking 2 glasses of water before eating gives amazing results. Furthermore, it helps our body to burn more calories and fat. 

Detoxifies Body – Water is an amazing detoxifier. Our body gets rid of toxins through urine and sweat mainly. It supports our renal functions and reduces the process of the development of kidney stones.

Drinking water every day is a very good idea, but remember that we should drink an adequate amount of water as per the body’s needs.

Makes Skin Better – Water hydrates the body and makes the capillary blood flow better.  As a result, we get healthy and glowing skin.

Water moisturizes the epithelial tissues of the skin and increases the functionality of elastin. Elastin is a protein that is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Water Promotes Good Breath – Bad breath is an important symptom that we need water. Water keeps our tongue hydrated and washes away all food particles after we eat.

Also, it removes bad-breath-making bacteria and smell-producing matter that the oral bacteria often create.

How to drink more water

Drink 2 cups of water immediately after waking up. Then drink your coffee or tea.

Before eating my meal drink  1 more cup.

During the day drink 5-6 cups of water to suppress appetite and hydrate.

In the evening drink a couple of cups of water and before my dinner, drink 2 cups of water.

In all, drink 12-24 glasses of water per day. 

If you work out add 6-8 cups more.

1 Cup: 237ML

2.8 Liter of water for 12 Cup

Drinking water has amazing health benefits; it even helped me relieve my joint pain and I no longer feel exhausted.

By John Gurung

A former software developer who is now a blogging enthusiast. A true digital nomad.

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