How to look 10 years younger than your age

What is aging?

Aging is caused by the impact of the build-up of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage over time in living organisms. Aging is a sequential change in an organism that leads to an increased risk of debility, disease, and death. Senescence is also known as aging consists of these manifestations of the aging process.

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However, if you tend to look young for your age, you’re more likely to live a long life. Scientists have found that the appearance of younger than your real age was an important marker for longevity.

What makes you look younger than your age?

Looking younger than your biological age is no easy feat. Environmental conditions such as pollution, smoke and sun exposure, etc. are all contributory factors to how your skin ages which most of the time is in your hands. While getting old is inevitable, it doesn’t mean you can’t look younger than individuals from the same age group.

What features make you look younger?

Characteristics of one who is young appear full of freshness, vigor, spirit. They have a youthful bone structure has full and high cheeks and have less sunken eyes usually a result of aging, dehydration, or not getting enough sleep, it also could be a sign of a medical condition. While the most important bone loss happens for men when they are 65+. Women’s facial bones look much different when they are 40+ than those between the ages of 20 and 40.

Is it a compliment to look younger than your age?

If someone says “You look younger” that is a compliment. If you look younger your life expectancy increases and are free from the negativity of life. It also means you take care of your health well and in general you are a happy person. Since there are many factors that cause a negative impact on your body like obesity and diseases which impact your health and you look older than your biological age. So remaining young while aging is a tremendous feat to achieve. 

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Why do some people age faster?

A bad food choice that includes a diet of fatty, carbohydrate-laden foods is a big cause of premature aging. Processed foods items, red meats, white bread, and margarine also cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation is bad for the skin as it causes skin flare-ups and wrinkle formation.

For most people, biological age proceeds in sync with chronological age. But some of the genetic and environmental influences can cause the aging process to go faster or much slower than your age might predict.

Can you reverse biological age?

Your biological age is based on a number of factors that calculate your age which includes wear and tear of cells, bones, muscles, also how your chromosomes have changed over time. While you cannot reverse your chronological age, the results of a study showed that it is possible to rewind your biological age, and scientists were shocked by the results. Scientists have also created tests that can accurately measure your biological age.

How to look younger. 

You should be careful about taking care of your skin by moisturizing it every morning and night, exfoliating once or twice a week with a gentle scrub, and applying sunscreen daily.

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Some strategies to look at reverse aging include.

  • Eat antioxidant rich diet. Eating food rich in antioxidants fights against inflammation and free radical damage in your body. Healthy foods like Broccoli, carrots,  spinach, and potatoes are all high in antioxidants, and so are artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, beetroot, radish, lettuce, sweet potatoes, collard greens, pumpkin and kale. Using good amount of spices in cooking is good as they also have high amount of antioxidants.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated. The human is made up of 60% water. It’s commonly recommended that you drink 3.7 liter of water per day. Although there’s science behind the amount, staying hydrated is very important. 
  • Exercise daily. You should aim for at least 45 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. If you want to reduce weight or meet specific fitness goals, you may need to exercise more based on training and intensity. Reduce your sitting time since more hours you sit each day, it increases your risk of metabolic problems.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. A diet high in vegetables and fruits reduces blood pressure, improves  heart health and reduces stroke, prevent some types of cancer, improves  eyesight and digestion, and improve the blood sugar, which helps keep hunger in check.
  • Don’t use strong shampoo or soap everyday. The potential benefits of skipping shampoo and strong soap include good hair growth and good scalp that produces a balanced amount of oil.
  • Get Creative. Being creative can improve positive emotions, reduces depressive symptoms, stress, anxiety, and improve immune system functioning. This in turn helps you remain younger version of self. 
  • Check your posture.You should stand straight and tall, keep the shoulders back and pull in stomach. Correct posture reduces the chance of injury and improves the bone and joint health.  
  • Get good sleep. Sleep helps your body and brain function properly. A good night’s sleep can help improve your learning, memory, decision-making, and even your creativity.  Good sleep is necessary for good health thereby reducing chronic illness and is the single largest antiaging factor to consider. 
  • Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen is one of the best way to protect your skin from harmful effect of radiation. By using sunscreen regularly it helps your skin protect from sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging.
  • Eat Anti-Aging Foods.  Some anti-aging food includes watercress, Red bell pepper, Papaya, Blueberries, Broccoli, Spinach, Nuts, Avocado.
  • Smile More. Smiling boosts your mood and enhances relationships, it helps your body release hormones like cortisol and endorphins that provide numerous health benefits, including: improve blood pressure that acts as anti aging factor.
  • Stay out of the sun. While it’s true that the sun isn’t the only factor in the overall appearance of your skin, it does play a huge huge role.
  • If you smoke, stop. The more cigarettes you smoke and the longer you smoke, the more likely you are to develop wrinkles. Nicotine in the smoke causes blood vessels to narrow, reducing oxygen flow and nutrients to skin cells thus causing premature aging.
  • Drink less alcohol. Extrinsic aging is caused by excessive drinking alcohol . since it dehydrates you and dries out your skin. You can slow that down by drinking less.
  • Reducing stress. Research has found that chronic stress can lead to premature wrinkles. So, persistent long term stress can have harmful affect in your anti-aging routine. Cortisol the stress hormone increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream which is bad for skin. Cortisol also break down the collagen in your skin. That can increase the aging process.
  • Take care of your skin.
  1. Wash Your Face. Washing your face with mild soap to remove dirt, oil and bacteria that accumulates on your pores. Your daily routine should include washing your face when you wake up and again before bed.
  2. Breathe Clean Air. Air pollution, cigarette and artificial fragrances harms your skin by forming harmful free radicals. If you can’t avoid these, help repair your skin with nontoxic natural, organic face wash and products with antioxidants to help undo the damage to your skin.
  3. Exfoliate Your Face. Look for gentle exfoliating agents like alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which are found in natural fruit.
  4. Use A Moisturizer. Applying moisturizer every day is important for all skin type, whether it is dry, oily, mature, or acne prone. Proper moisturizing helps prevent dry, flaky skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming.


Secrets of looking good are not some holy grail. The steps to achieve include a smart diet and habits. If you exercise and eat smartly half of the battle is won. Then skin plays important role in looking good so you need to protect it from wear and tear like sun, applying moisturizer and protect it from pollution. Good sleeping habits also play a huge role in anti-aging efforts including the hydrating body. Stress management is one huge factor nobody should ignore.

By John Gurung

A former software developer who is now a blogging enthusiast. A true digital nomad.

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