Obesity, Cardiovascular Diseases and Fast Food

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History of fast food

The Ancient Greek had the first fast food served as fried fishes. Ancient Rome had fast food restaurants serving bread soaked with wine and ate cooked vegetables and stews. 

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The Han Dynasty in the 2nd century had noodle stands that stayed open all night. British Fish & Chips date back to the 19th century.The first hamburger chain in the US was opened in 1921. McDonald’s is present in more than 125 countries on 6 continents and has more than  31,000 restaurants worldwide. 

Study has found  that fast food is not healthy if consumed often, they are cruel to the animals, and exploit workers, also they degrade local cultures because they change the taste of people from traditional foods. The fast food habits are associated with  the increase of cardiovascular diseases  and obesity among young people.

Goal of fast food industry

Fast food is mass-produced food designed and promoted for commercial resale and with a high priority placed on “speedy service” and taste. 

In order to meet the goal of speedy delivery the food is mass produced and heavily added with preservatives and artificial flavour.  

Nutrition has zero priority in fast food so if you are looking for taste and quick service then fast food is the solution. This misplaced priority on health has created a generation of obese people roaming around the fast food restaurants who are both physically and mentally fragile. 

Fast food in US

Exorbitant amounts of salt and sugar in fast food with deep fried menu is a death sentence to the general population. 

So it shows that people who were obese with other health condition were actually more prone to death than normal healthy people.

Why people like junk food

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A study by researchers in France concluded that the majority of lab rats opted for sugar over cocaine when provided with the choice. Lab rat studies also showed that eating high levels of fat secretes a chemical in their brain that causes them to eat more and reduces physical activity .

Eating fat and sugar releases chemicals in the brain called beta-endorphin and dopamine, which are also activated by drugs like heroin and cocaine. Researchers found that when you eat fat and sugar together, it’s more than one plus one. It has a bigger impact with a more addiction response like doing two drugs at once.

People who frequently eat fast food are convinced about the price and the skillful marketing, much of it is aimed at children. Once you’re inside, it’s difficult to choose the healthy salads because smelling the sugar and fried foods incites brain chemicals to choose them.

After you eat the meals, you may temporarily feel satisfied. Later, however, your insulin levels will crash, and mood drops. You will crave more for fat- and sugar-laden foods, and this cycle continues with deadly consequences.

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You tend to overeat to feed the addiction. Experts believe that you overeat because you are not getting all the nutrients — even though you consume huge calories which are stored as dangerous visceral fat. 

People are not aware of junk food’s effect on their health. Not only they are eating unwanted calories but are bombarded with advertising of stupid advertisement. Though occasional eating of burgers and pizza is not bad. 

Fast food and cardiovascular disease

Though people should have the choice to eat whatever they like to eat, giving only the choice of fast food is very bad.  As per Harvard study  the fast food caused 46% increase in the risk of heart disease and a 28% increased risk of stroke. Data clearly shows the culprit however it’s not possible to shut them down. They should be made to serve nutritious food as company policy since they have responsibility against society. 

Fast Food And Weight Gain

It’s easy to  gain weight if you regularly consume 2,240 calories just for lunch, making you  both obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Nutritionists believe that if you  frequently eat fast food you gain water weight as the result of inflammation. People suffer from what is known as a delayed food intolerance to the wheat, soy and dairy found in fast foods.  This causes an inflammatory response in your body, which responds by holding excess water to dilute the effect of toxins.

Fast food affect in mental health

Eating fast food with a high level of sodium increases the chance of a person to be more aggressive which causes mental health problems. So nutritious food is the solution to it. Donald Trump’s love of fast food is the reason behind his aggressive behaviour.

Kids and Junk Food

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Junk food is  liked by kids and teens and is one of the main culprits behind increasing cardiovascular disease and obesity. Companies are researching junk food making it more  addictive and much less healthy. With the combo of junk food and less exercise because of gaming and youtube, obesity could start to get worse. If companies can make junk food addictive why don’t they make healthy foods addictive to kids probably profit reasons..

Why fast food is  the danger to world security

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Since the world is moving toward fast food and countries like China and India has become a big business. A lot of Chinese and Indian people eat junk food. They are progressively getting more diabetic and prone to cardiovascular diseases.

The high level of fat and sodium is causing not only health problems but will cause a huge drain to economic resources on those poor countries. 

China has 116 million  diabetes and India has an estimated 77 million people with diabetes with a huge number of cardiovascular deaths in both countries.

What needs to be done 

The only way to make America great is making the american healthy.  

America is the only country which can fight against fast food and the solution is simple. Promoting healthy food among the younger generation and sanctioning the high fat and high sodium food. The FDA should ban certain foods containing high levels of sugar and declare them uneatable. 

Promoting healthy vegetables like broccoli, tomato, mushroom, and spinach salad should be the priority.eg the big mac should have 60% vegetable content and pizzas should have vegetable compulsory on its topping with meat with less cheese.  

Sugar content on coke should be reduced to half and ice creams and chocolates should also reduce the sugar drastically So that everyone’s taste is calibrated to less sugar.  

Reducing the average weight by 5 Kilos Among american will reduce the mortality by 50% and reduce the burden on healthcare. Which then again can be invested in healthy technology and promotion. 

Reducing Average BMI  should be priority

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Everybody with BMI 30 or more should be compelled to be sent to weekend health camps where they should be made to exercise for 2 hours and given healthy nutritious food for 6 months. 

Women with high BMI 30 or more with kids should be given compulsory training on how to make nutritious food in home and those participating should be given high priority in jobs and education.

Body on regular fast food diet

A regular diet of fast food not only leads to a bigger waistline and more risk to a range of serious health issues, but experts believe it can also cause the following:

  • Constipation. The fast-food is low in fiber and tends to bog down your digestion.
  • Bloating. In addition to the gassy effect food intolerances to many of the ingredients in fast food  like gluten, dairy and corn cause bloating.
  • Buildup of pesticides and heavy metals and toxins. Toxic chemicals built up from the food ingredients causes metabolic problems, and increasing inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • Body odor. When your body cannot eliminate wastes through the bowel, it tries to rid toxins through your sweat glands and breath causing bad odour.
  • Acne. The surge of insulin in refined carbs and sugar causes an increase of sebum on the skin, which further can cause acne. Food allergies also contribute to skin inflammation and acne.
  • Fatigue. You may feel initially high after eating a sugary, fat-laden fast-food, but when your blood sugar crashes, both your brain and your body will be troubled leading to fatigue..

While succumbing to cravings may seem inevitable, there are a few simple things you can do to control them.

1. Planning ahead

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The best  way to handle cravings is by planning your meals and snacks ahead of time. If you have a healthy meal packed and ready for you at lunchtime, you’re less likely to order fast food or sugary drinks. 

You can  plan out each week’s meals before your work week starts. Go grocery shopping for a balanced nutrient rich diet. Then prepare large batches of foods like brown rice, chicken, stir-fried broccoli or spinach, or salads. Fruits like apples, bananas, cherries and oranges can be kept on your desk, making them healthy afternoon snacks.

2. Shop non processed food

 If a food item has more ingredients on the label, avoid it. This is a key step in moving your diet to whole foods.

You should include:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Lean proteins

You’ll be getting all the nutrients you need from above healthy foods, so your cravings for fast food will diminish. It may take a few months, but eventually fast food  won’t even taste good to you!

3. Eat healthy fats

There is a  nutrition myth that says that fat makes you fat. In fact, our body needs fat! You should always avoid trans fats and saturated fats, but heart-healthy fats from nuts and avocado will help you feel full and reduce cravings.

You can have a handful of mixed nuts as an afternoon snack.  However, be careful to not to overeat. 

4. Eat enough protein

Food rich in protein is generally tasty and will make you feel full often more so than other macronutrients like carbohydrate. Fill your diet with healthy sources of protein that includes:

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Beans
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts

When you’re full, there’s less space and desire for junk foods.

5. Eat more Fresh Fruits

fresh juice
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Fruit has sugar content, but they have a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and water.. It contains fiber, which helps in digestion and balances out the effects on your blood sugar. When you wean yourself off of refined and artificial sugar, fruit will taste a lot sweeter and much more satisfying.

Bowl of berries and watermelon is much healthier if you are craving sweets.

6. Add different colored food

Eating diverse foods of different colors will boost your immunity and help with disease prevention. Examples include green vegetables, red beets, orange carrots, and eggplant.

Always add new and different foods to your daily diet. The more varied your diet, the less likely you will get bored and crave for junk food. 

7. Think about junk food differently

 Study showed that when people are trained to look their most-craved junk foods in a negative light, desire for it lessened. Participants were asked to view the craved food as if:

  • They are  very full
  • They saw the food item sneezed on
  • They were told about negative consequences like stomach ache, weight gain etc.

Your mind can be tricked into not eating junk food too.

8. Focus on adding healthy foods

A study  showed that focusing on the positive side of a healthy balanced diet is more effective than focusing on the need to remove junk food.

The more healthy foods you add in your diet, the easier it will be to remove the unhealthy ones. 

9. Manage stress 

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There’s almost always an emotional reason behind cravings. You may be eating or drinking as a way to distract yourself.  Focus on doing what needs to be done, or saying what needs to be said instead of taking refuge on fast foods.  

Manage your stress by:

  • Take a walk
  • Yoga or meditate
  • Talking friend or family member
  • Do something creative

You need to experiment and find what works best for you. If your stress feels overwhelming, talk to your doctor. They can suggest effective, healthy, and non-food coping methods.

10. Get adequate sleep

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Most people don’t get enough sleep. And while you may be aware of the effects on your mood and energy level,  you may be surprised to know that lack of sleep is also a trigger for junk food cravings. 

Start Ups

Silicon valley big private equity money should promote the companies in clean and nutritious diet businesses whose company policy should be good health for the general public and those companies should replace companies like McDonald’s and Burger King.

America has to start this war against the obesity pandemic and make american healthy so that it sends the right signal to the world towards a healthy world. 


Regularly eating unhealthy junk food is like a death sentence which cannot be easily revoked. So you need to practice healthy eating, sleeping, and emotional practices.  Since all of it is related, discipline is key in getting rid of the addiction of fast food which can slowly lead you to grave by reducing quality of life. If America doesn’t start this holy war against obesity the world will succumb to the health crisis since the US is the only country having resources to win against it. 

By John Gurung

A former software developer who is now a blogging enthusiast. A true digital nomad.

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