Top 10 Unusual Fitness Tips

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Do something creative

Have you been trying your same old workout routine, but noticing that it’s not giving you the results you want? Or have you found yourself getting bored with your workout and looking for something more enjoyable? You could benefit from an exercise routine that’s more about creativity than anything else.

Exercise is a creative activity. Like writing or painting, exercise is about trying new things and seeing what works best for your body. You can increase or decrease how much weight you lift, how often you work out, how far or fast you run—it’s all up to you.

Creativity is a stress reliever, so exercising in a creative way will make it less of a chore and more of an activity to look forward to. Who doesn’t want to look forward to working out?

Exercising creatively also helps with creativity in other areas of life! A recent study showed that people who exercised creatively were able to think more quickly and find solutions for problems easier than those who didn’t.

Drink coffee before your workout

Caffeine can enhance your performance, but the amount you should consume depends on a number of factors, including your body weight and age. The optimal dose for male adults is 400mg. For female adults, the ideal dose is about half that (200 mg).

Get out of your head

First thing’s first: You need to make your workout about moving and breathing, not about burning calories or looking a certain way in the mirror.

Think about it like this. Say you want to do an ab workout—instead of doing crunches for as long as possible, get on all fours, and start crawling for a minute or two. Then stop and breathe deeply through your nose, filling up your belly with air (not lifting your chest). This will help release tension from the neck and back muscles that are often engaged when you’re in a crunch-type position.

After you’ve done that while focusing on deep breaths, move into a plank position and hold it for 5-10 seconds. If it feels right, try holding it longer until you can’t anymore. Try to focus on engaging your core by squeezing the muscles in your butt and lower back while also pulling them towards each other—your core strength will build naturally while doing this intuitively rather than trying to force yourself into doing 10 more crunches (which is what most people tend to do).

Chew gum

By now, you may be thinking that chewing gum isn’t the most exciting activity in the world. Well, when it comes to fitness and health, it can actually be quite useful!

  • Chewing gum while exercising can help you keep your mind focused on your workout instead of on how tired you are.
  • Because it’s a low-calorie replacement for other sweet snacks (like cookies or candy), chewing gum can help you satisfy that sweet tooth without falling off the healthy eating wagon.
  • Saliva production increases while chewing gum, helping to reduce dehydration during exercise.

Finally, because regular gum chewers tend to eat fewer calories than non-gum chewers, they’re more likely to maintain a healthy weight. “A piece of Gum” is all it takes!

Take a cold shower

Here’s a fitness tip you may not have heard of before: taking a cold shower. That’s right, it may seem like an uncomfortable idea, but did you know there are many health benefits to doing so? Cold showers can increase your circulation, help the body heal from injuries faster, and more!

  • Boosts your immune system. By exposing yourself to the stress of taking a cold shower, your white blood cell count increases. These cells protect against infection and disease.
  • Burns calories. The calorie-burning benefits aren’t as high as with other fitness tips on this list, but every little bit helps!
  • Improves hair condition because cold water closes pores in the scalp; this prevents oiliness and flakiness.
  • Helps you sleep better by slowing down the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) and suppressing melatonin production until later in the evening when the body is ready for sleep. Heat will cause these levels to stay high throughout both day night time hours which can lead to insomnia or restlessness while sleeping.”

Build the habit of documenting your progress

  • Make a habit of documenting your progress. This can contribute to your overall success and keep you motivated. For instance, you could take pictures of yourself before and after different fitness milestones, record your weight or measurements regularly, keep track of how much weight you can lift at the gym on a spreadsheet, or make note of how far you’re able to run on a treadmill. This data will be valuable and motivating when life throws setbacks at you.
  • Make it easier to get out of bed in the morning. Many people find that setting two alarms helps them wake up early enough to exercise before work without snoozing through the alarm clock. If it’s still hard for you to get up at first, try encouraging yourself by saying that if you do this one day, tomorrow won’t be so difficult. Similarly, if skipping exercise one day means making more time later in the week for working out so that it doesn’t feel as squeezed into your schedule, it can make getting out of bed easier on those days too.

Make it a habit to work out in the morning

Before I begin this tip, it is important to understand why habits are so powerful. When we form a habit, the behavior becomes automatic and effortless. Research shows that over 40% of our actions are performed as habits. In other words, we do not need to remind ourselves to brush our teeth or get dressed in the morning; it just happens. From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense that humans would automate certain behaviors because they require less energy and cognitive resources than consciously deciding what to do each time.

It takes about three weeks for the behavior you repeat daily to become a habit—if you keep it up for three weeks straight without fail. The most effective way to start a new habit is by making sure you perform your desired action immediately after another established behavior (e.g., working out directly after brushing your teeth).

The key here is consistency; if you skip even once, it will be much harder for your new action to become automatic (read: easier). Next time you wake up in the morning, remind yourself why working out regularly is beneficial; then go ahead and put on your sneakers and head straight to the gym! You will feel great afterward and will be proud of yourself for sticking with it.

Make sure you keep this up every day until working out becomes habitual—and always remember how good consistency feels!

Reward yourself with videos or photos of puppies and kittens after each workout

Everyone loves puppies, kittens, and other cute babies of the animal kingdom. With that in mind, you can use them as a fun way to motivate yourself to work out by promising yourself that if you do X exercise or Y number of minutes on the treadmill, you’ll spend Z amount of time watching videos or looking at photos of puppies and kittens. You can find websites full of these photos, such as [](, or search for relevant videos on [YouTube]( (such as “cute cats and dogs”). Using this method will help keep you motivated to work out more often because it allows you to associate working out with something positive–i.e., looking at puppies and kittens–instead of viewing it as a chore that has a negative connotation associated with it (such as having to lose weight).

Take a break when you need it

There are so many times when we become obsessed with the fitness regimes that we forget to give ourselves a break.

It can be easy to feel like you’ve got things all under control, but if you’re not careful, this can make you feel stressed and anxious. This is why it’s important for us to take a break from time to time, even when the weather is nice and the sun is shining.

You might think that taking a break means giving yourself an hour off to go grab lunch or watch TV in the middle of your workout routine—but this won’t do anybody any good. Instead, take some time for yourself by doing something completely different from your usual routine—like playing a video game or watching your favorite TV show—or going on an adventure with your friends instead of hitting the gym.

Listen to music & have fun!

  • Listen to music and have fun! When you listen to your favorite songs, you can get yourself excited about working out, and can also help with motivation.
  • When you listen to music, it can help you feel less fatigued when exercising for longer periods of time and may even be able to help you run faster or go farther.
  • Make a new playlist of your favorite songs for working out. Try to include some songs that uplift you, or give you energy. You want the music to fit the pace of your workout so it will be easy for your body to match the rhythm.

Saving time and enjoying yourself while working out will help you be healthier.

Saving time and enjoying yourself while working out will help you be healthier.

If you love a workout, you’re much more likely to do it. And that’s good! There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to exercise, so it’s worth experimenting with different ways to get your sweat on until you find the perfect routine for your lifestyle and personality. Here are some fun fitness tips that can save you time and help keep things from getting boring:

  • Multi-task. Whether it’s walking up the stairs or doing jumping jacks, try doing an active activity instead of just standing around whenever possible. This way, you can get in a little workout no matter what you’re doing! (Just make sure not to do anything dangerous.)
  • Do something fun with a friend. If you enjoy working out with someone else, go for a run together or take a dance class as part of your next date night.
  • Work out while listening to music or watching your favorite show. You can even turn any routine into an enjoyable exercise session by adding background noise that complements what you’re doing; if running on a treadmill feels like torture but dancing around your living room is amazing then put on some tunes when hitting up those stairs!

By John Gurung

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