Top 45 effective strategies for success

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Everyone has different goals in life and success is achieving those goals, whatever they may be. Some goals may be small, others may be enormous. Everyone’s definition of success may be diverse, but most define it as being happy, fulfilling, safe, loving and healthy personal life and a successful professional life. 

Success gives you confidence and a sense of well-being that allows you to contribute at a greater level. Without success, you, your goals, and happiness becomes a distant dream.

If you don’t define what success is for you, you cannot  possibly create it and most people don’t have clarity on it. Success is different for different people . Be very clear about what you need and what you want in your life. Clarity gives you ideas to move forward. With ideas you can move forward with momentum. Momentum produces results. That would again give you further confidence to carry on. Eventually, your  vision becomes reality. 

Strategies For Success

  1. Setting the goal. Knowing your goal is often the starting point towards the road to success, regardless of circumstances. Setting goals allows you to plan for long-term vision and short-term motivation. It helps you focus on acquiring required knowledge, and helps you to organize resources so that you can achieve what you want.
  2. Adapting for success: Adaptability increases your chances of success, as you try out different ideas, concepts and build your skills. There are times when you experience unpleasant obstacles that stop you . Being adaptable ensures you pass through hardship. In nature,adaptation is key traits for survival . This is true in life and business; the most adaptable person succeeds more often than those that are unwilling to change despite having better resources.
  3. Manage your time. Those who manage their time wisely have better work-life balance and are happier. Good time management often reduces pressure and allows you to complete the task faster and easier. Good time management helps you become more organized and productive with work. Better time management ensures that you allocate sufficient time for the work and complete it before moving to the next. This reduces stress that helps you remain ahead of time, and improves quality of work life balance.
  4. Eliminate distractions. Removing distractions allows you to think more clearly. In a distraction free environment you can really listen to your inner  voice and authentic thoughts. But our modern world is full of  distractions that need to be taken care of. Distractions lead to reduced productivity, which makes you work longer, causing frustration and stress, which is not good for achieving your goals.
  5. Ask questions. It helps you understand better and removes confusion which can  help you find better solutions to problems. We all spend too many resources finding solutions to challenges without asking good questions. That’s not only limiting but also counterproductive. Asking questions as a professional exhibits desirable leadership qualities: This also shows you are receptive to new information and ideas which is a valuable characteristic in a leader.
  6. Stay connected. Being able to connect to others socially is considered an important human need and is important for success. Those who feel more connected have lower levels of stress and depression, they also have higher self-esteem, greater empathy for others, are more trusting and cooperative.These positive qualities make them more successful.
  7. Sleeping early and waking up earlier. People who wake up early have better sleep hygiene. Successful people wake up early so that they can finish tasks a lot earlier than others. Waking up early means you have more time for getting organized, planning and executing 
  8. Be Grateful. If you want to achieve success, practice gratitude. Being grateful makes you happy, which motivates you to achieve goals. Gratitude makes you optimistic and helps you spread a positive outlook. It lets you reflect and that gives you a better perspective leading to success.
  9. Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water each day is very important. You can work more, stay alert, focus more and be more productive by staying hydrated. Staying hydrated also improves your sleep, reduces stress, and improves mood and increases immunity. Proper hydration allows you to achieve your goals by improving physical and mental efficiency.
  10. Set micro goals. Micro-goals allow you to break your goal into small chunks and that leads to achieving long term goals. Micro goals help you focus on small tasks that need immediate attention. 
  11. Read to learn. Reading allows you to learn and if you read about overcoming obstacles it motivates you. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg read much more than an average person. 
  12. Make a list. Organizing tasks with a list can make them more manageable. Knowing  about the status of tasks  will help you feel more organized and stay focused. Highly productive people always have their tasks put on a calendar.
  13. Take the first step. Often taking the first step is difficult. It declares that you have chosen a path and will go forward.. The first step gives you momentum and belief whether it’s starting a personal hobby or a new business.
  14. Time is a precious resource. If you manage your time you’re better able to prevent last-minute surprises. You can hire good people, better tools but cannot hire or rent more time. We can never get more time. We can always get more knowledge, skills, friends, money but not time since it never comes back.
  15. Take calculated risks. Taking calculated risks decides your success and failure. Failed risks often provide the most valuable lesson an entrepreneur can learn. Taking calculated risk and learning from failure helps you shape future strategies that eventually lead to success.
  16. Start small. Starting small is important because it brings success that will motivate you to move forward to create even more victories. Successful people always start small after thinking of the big picture. They break the idea into smaller pieces for testing, if successful then they go for big bucks. 
  17. Seek Feedback. Feedback  gives you positive criticism that helps you to understand what needs to be improved. Feedback is about listening carefully, analyzing it, and then formulating solutions to perform better. Feedback can also give you insight about strengths and weaknesses of your system, team and plan that allows you to adapt your strategy for success.
  18. Listen generously. Listening carefully with your heart and mind is an act of generosity. Especially in difficult times, genuine listening can rebalance the conversation that develops your ability to connect.  It not only helps build relationships but also resolve conflicts, diffuse confusion and misunderstandings, and build trusts . 
  19. Wander around. Making an effort to reach out and connect with your people. This can result in you gathering valuable information and building trust. Wandering can also lead to better productivity, improved moods and better problem solving.
  20. Develop influencing skills. Influencing is about the impact you have on others. Your ability to positively influence others can create a better working environment. With better influencing skills you can better communicate your ideas and motivate others to achieve goals. 
  21. Desire is the key. Having a burning desire to do something will push you towards your goals. Desire sparks the fire; it’s what makes a person work persistently despite ups and the downs. A strong desire is one of the first things needed to be successful. 
  22. Focus on your habits. Most people have habits that can be good or bad. Successful people possess more good habits that contribute to their success. The good news is that if you want to be successful, cultivating good habits takes the same effort as developing bad ones.
  23. Set Smart Goals.  A SMART goal helps you in goal setting. SMART stands for for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Therefore, a SMART goal consists of all of these criteria to help you increase the chances of achieving it. 
  24. Be Consistent. When you do something regularly, you receive feedback. This feedback helps you to alter the plan. Consistency  is all about repetition. Consistency is the key to success since it builds new habits and leads to success.
  25. Never Stop Learning. Learning improves your mind since it is a form of brain exercise.  Learning is a never-ending journey  without learning new things, we will remain unaware of new technology, processes or trends . When you continuously learn you become better skilled and have a better chance of success.
  26. Allow For Setbacks. Setbacks are part of life. While most people get stressed and hurt with it, few turn the anger caused by a setback into a savage will to succeed. Setbacks should motivate you to achieve more than what you had originally planned. Remember, failure doesn’t mean it’s over, it simply means that you need to do things differently.
  27. Be optimistic. Optimism is important for success, when things get difficult, optimists link it to a situation or event, not their competence. Optimists don’t view failure as a setback that allows them to recover from disappointment quicker than pessimists. Optimism is a positive quality for creative solutions since it fosters creativity and innovation, optimists are better able to shift their focus to positive factors that allows them to make better choices.
  28. Persistence. Persistence is a fundamental quality for success. Successful people never quit, they are persistent to their goals. They know that persistence and determination is the key habit to get results. Without persistence, your ability to get success is severely curtailed.
  29.  Creativity. Successful people embrace creativity to find ways to improve constantly and refuse to be brought down by obstacles. Creativity empowers you to stay true to what you love. When you can express yourself creatively at a young age, you can creatively solve problems later on in life. Successful people are creative problem solvers who find unique solutions to problems; creativity creates a path for success.
  30. Self-Discipline. Self-discipline is an essential attribute to achieve success. It helps you stay focused and gives you the capability to persist in difficult situations.  Self-discipline enables you to stay in control of your response to difficulties.  Lack of self-discipline can bring laziness and failure. Self-discipline is often a good predictor of success than IQ
  31. Continuous  Improvement. Continuous improvement enables you to ensure that you complete your task efficiently, effectively, and in a productive way, every single day to week and month without compromising quality. A will to learn and apply this process ensures success in anything you do.  
  32. Strong commitment to learn. The more you are committed, the more you are to succeed. Commitment allows you to be more willing to go out of your comfort zone. That’s the extra push which is needed to achieve success.  When you are truly committed to your goals, the right people. That results in improved relationships, more success and more time to enjoy your journey. 
  33. Be Passionate. Doing what you love can make you passionate about your goals. Passionate people are inspired toward their goals, no matter what hardship they endure. Passion inspires enthusiasm, loyalty, and hard work that guarantees success. Knowing what you are passionate about and moving forward will build character, success and accomplishment.
  34. Work Hard. There is no shortcut to success and through consistent hard work even the mediocre can taste success. Through hard work you gain experience, discover new things. This experience allows you to smartly solve a tough problem and achieve success. Hard work  teaches you self-discipline, persistence and determination and hard work is key to success.
  35. Be Kind. Genuine kindness uplifts us, it inspires us and pushes us to do more. Kindness is the key to find and fulfil your aspirations and that allows you to happiness and success.
  36. Focus. Focus is so key to learn effectively, reason and decision making. And that allows you to produce quality work necessary to be successful.  You must focus on your goals and go after that 110%. There will be times in life, when you will face obstacles which you need to overcome while maintaining your focus toward your goal.
  37. Pushing the Limits. Pushing your limits helps you know that you can get through tough situations. It will also give you inner strength to try on new things and realise that failure is not permanent and it is only a stepping stone towards success. 
  38. Serve. Give more, help more, and serve more, that will bring you more. Serving others will bring you joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and financial rewards in your life. Studies have found that serving reduces depression, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress. That helps you strengthen your relationships.
  39. Create Ideas.  Exposing yourself to new ideas and information helps you generate better solutions to your problems. You should expand your thinking by asking more questions before the refinement process. If your idea doesn’t bring success you either need to pick another idea or find why it failed and take steps to correct it.
  40. Know what success is. Two people don’t have the same definition of success since each individual is unique. Success should make you happy and bring joy. It also means challenging yourself that enables you to grow and develop professionally, mentally and spiritually. Success also means achieving goals after goals until you feel satisfied.
  41. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Everyone seeks to remain in the status quo to avoid the unwanted risk that brings discomfort. If you want to grow and taste success in your life, then you need to challenge yourself, which can bring discomfort. If you are in discomfort it means you’re doing something that others won’t that brings success. 
  42. Ethics is important. Unethical practices and behavior bring all the hard work of years to ruin. Unethical practices lead to failure that demotivates and brings unwanted attention. A good ethical framework will help you in times of stress and decrease your firm’s risk of  misconduct.
  43. Give respect and be respected. Your team will work harder if you respect everyone on the team. Respect is earned, and being respectful will help you achieve more success. When you deal with a client, colleague or  boss, you will earn respect by putting in the effort needed to do the best result.
  44. Self-Acceptance Self-acceptance helps you to ease from guilt and unhappiness  and you appreciate your own abilities and limitations. Self-acceptance will stop you from comparing yourself to others. The more you accept yourself, the more you feel grounded and help you be aware of the situation. 
  45. Be an innovator. Innovation increases your chances to discover new opportunities and enables you to  react to changes and. It also allows you to build better products and services that bring success. Which helps you gain market share and customers. Whether you work in a job or have a small or large business, innovation brings growth and prosperity. 

By John Gurung

A former software developer who is now a blogging enthusiast. A true digital nomad.

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