How To Live A Healthy Life For Men?

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Often, men’s health or illness can be the result of their lifestyle and lifestyle choices. Healthy Life For Men includes good lifestyle choices that can lead to a better life free from diseases. Alternately, improved choices can help prevent or reduce the likelihood of a disease or disorder arising or impacting your health.

Men can be poor at both understanding and managing their specific risk factors.

1. Eating unhealthy food

Studies reveal a diet that relies heavily on red meats, trans fats, sugar, and dairy products could negatively affect male health. Most men don’t like to cook and prefer more processed foods and meat in their diet.
Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants and vitamins, nuts, is more important for them. Eating a healthy diet increases men’s sexual potency.

not knowing what to eat will cause
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Teaching kids what to eat and not eat in school is more important than teaching maths. Not knowing math may hamper your career but not knowing what to eat will cause health problems.

2. Excessive alcohol drinking

Moderate alcohol drinking may be fine. Excessive alcohol consumption will lead to loads of health issues. Alcohol consumption causes reduced libido and impotence.

do not drink men.
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Drinking alcohol is also associated with mental and behavioral disorders, alcohol dependence, impotence, liver cirrhosis, some cancers, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as injuries resulting from violence and road accidents.

3. Heavy smoking

Male impotence is caused by cigarette smoking. Smoking can damage your blood vessels since impotence is often a result of poor blood supply to the penis.

Smoking causes stroke, lung disease, cancer, heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Which can be easily avoided if you reduce smoking or just stop smoking.

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  • Try to get some nicotine replacement therapy like nasal spray or inhaler.
  • Avoid places of triggers for smoking like parties and bars.

4. Lack of Exercise

exercise is the most potent weapon for all kind of physical and mental illness
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Studies have found that a sedentary lifestyle and obesity can reduce your libido and even cause impotence. Since obesity increases estrogen levels and lowers testosterone levels. Exercise is the best remedy for it.

Men need to walk 30 minutes daily and should try HIIT training or aerobics to reap the benefit of lowering estrogen and increased testosterone. Exercise makes men smart and handsome and liked by women.

5. High stress

Stress kills more men then war now
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Personal, professional, and relationship stress is the main cause of impotence in men.

Stress affects the brain signals to the penis that increase blood flow for an erection thus causing impotence.

Exercise, a healthy diet, and good sleep can reduce stress but sorting out the cause behind the stress are needed in order to be potent. Reduced stress will enhance your mood and help you have a good and productive time.

6. Drugs overuse

Men are more likely to use illegal drugs through their peer group than women, who are often introduced to drugs by men.

Many illegal and legal drugs can make males impotent, have side effects in the long term, and even immediate death in extreme cases.

don't do drugs its not worth
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Long-term use of some drugs can cause long-term changes in the brain, which leads to mental health problems like aggression, paranoia, depression, anxiety, and hallucinations.

So men who want to have good libido and a good life need to avoid all drugs immediately. Since the side effects of those drugs are not worth the benefits.

7. Car accidents

avoid accident save your life for the sake of family
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Car accidents are a common cause of death among men.

  • Men should always wear seat belts, and follow the speed limit.
  • Don’t drink and drive, and don’t drive while sleepy.
  • Don’t multitask while driving, focus on driving only when driving.

8. Suicide

Lots of men are doing suicide because of depression and other medical conditions.

Men with depression will have reduced libido which can worsen the depression symptoms since good sex is a potent weapon against depression

If you have depression don’t get panicked it takes time to reduce symptoms and things to fall in line.

Suicide among men is increasing
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  • The risk causing suicide in men are:
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Imprisonment
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Lonely
  • Unemployed

Identifying each condition and solving the problem smartly will effectively remove the cause of suicide.
Exercise is a good way to release hormones to reduce symptoms of depression. Eating a healthy diet and good sleep will help get over the situation.

9. Lack of purpose in life

get purpose for your life
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Some factors driving purpose-driven life include:

  • Good family and relationships
  • Active in community
  • Helping
  • Learning and teaching skills
  • Taking part in activities and hobbies.

Purpose-driven life will help men to reduce stress and improves relationships this, in turn, will promote creativity and create a conducive environment that promotes healthy life.

Thus reducing many negative consequences like binge eating, binge alcohol drinking, drugs, and unhealthy sexual activity.

10. Pessimism and men

Plenty of research finds that pessimistic people have a high risk of heart disease, stroke, and mental illness. Pessimistic people also have a high risk of early death from cancer and infection.

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How can men be optimistic?

  • Reframe situations. Some men when confronted with difficulties, they tend to only view the negative aspects of the situation. To reframe it, search for positive aspects. Is there anything you can learn from the situation?
  • Set goals. Set goals that are achievable and change them when needed. Research suggests that setting realistic goals and achieving them improves optimism.
  • Positive aspect. At bedtime think about the positive aspects of your day like things that went well, and made you happy and proud.
  • Practice gratitude. Focus on thanking for the positive aspects of your life, which include family members, friends, etc.
  • Cement social relationships. A strong real social network can include spending time with close friends or participating in regularly scheduled group or community activities. Focus on spending time with positive and supportive people.

11: Bad company

When you’re in a good friendship, it boosts your immune system. But toxic friendships are sickening. Bad friends can drain mental energy and make you feel miserable.

So find good friends and enjoy their company and live a healthier life.

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12: Bad spouse and relationship

Men are rightly blamed in all bad relationships since most men

  • Lack empathy.
  • Don’t actively listen.
  • Dishonest.
  • Narcissistic.
  • Don’t communicate well with partners.
healthy life for men is directly related to women's life.
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So if men want to have a healthy life they should improve on these fronts to make relationships work and of course, there may be some rare exceptions 🙂 where women make mistakes.


Make good friends who influence you positively, and on whom you can rely when things get tough. Take pride in yourself. Do not let others trample over you.

Take care of both physical and mental health. Live a happy and fulfilling life with purpose.

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